Hi…This is Sam Maxwell and I want to welcome you to something very exciting.  That is the opportunity for you to join me in a great new brand called “PLH…Peace Love Happiness”. It’s a lifestyle brand and art designs that are reflective of an attitude that’s soft, sensual, and sexy and very much in tune with today’s young female buyer.  These designs are going to look great on a variety of styles and colors that will jump off your webpage and into your customers shopping cart. The graphic art is simple and pure and designed to look great on your many products. Check out the sample video that I’ve enclosed below to see how you can create an awesome line for your customers.  You can purchase our first image pack with between 10-15 designs that can be used alone or in various combinations to give you an endless variety of styles and looks for your apparel.  I hope you enjoy this line as much as I do…and happy selling!

PLH-IconLogo5-Classic Pink